Pros and Cons of Buying your child and iPad


Pros and Cons of Buying your child and iPad

There used to be a time when children wanted simple things such as a cake, a toy robot, or a Teddy bear. Right now those times are gone and buried. Even from the age of 6 children want to have an Apple product, and by Apple we don’t mean the fruit. There is an increasing number of children with ages between 6 and 9 who are actually crying for an iPad. This situation has managed to preoccupy many parents, who don’t know whether this is a good or a bad idea. After all, too much technology risks to take the childhood away. This is the time when they should play with other children, staying all day long outside, running all around the neighborhood and getting messy.

Since this is a difficult decision, it is understandable that many parents need guidance. This is the reason we have decided to come up with a list of pros and cons that will offer you a clearer view of this issue, helping you to make a decision. However, you should keep in mind that the final decision is yours, and only yours.


  1. Reward

Children tend to have a personal way of understanding the meaning of work, and therefore they usually agree to something in order to receive a certain reward. This reward may be an iPad, and sometimes it is worth giving it, if in this way you can teach your little one a valuable lesson.

  1. Comfort gift

There are some situations when a child suffers a great loss. Usually during those times he needs something that can help him move on. In this kind of situations, he should receive something he wishes to have.

  1. Help him fit in

The entourage of your child might have a great pressure upon him, especially if all the other children own an iPad. If you refuse to buy one for your child you might risk to expose him to a social suicide, and thus his confidence will have a lot to suffer, affecting his future development.


  1. Social isolation

If you buy your child an iPad you might risk to have him all day inside the house, staying alone, and playing with is new “toy”. During this age it is essential to spend more time outside, playing with children of his own age.

  1. Violence

There are many games that contain a high level of violence, and therefore you should keep your child away from all those games. In this way he will have healthier relations with those surrounding him.

  1. Too much technology

Technology is good, and it has improved our lives in a considerable manner. However, you should keep in mind that if a child uses too much technology, he won’t be able to develop his imagination, and additionally he will ruin his eyes.

Now that you know all this you should be able to take the best decision for them.

How long will it take to get pregnant?

This is a regular question and it features on the discussion board at lot.  It depends on a number of factors such as the age of each partner, if they are healthy and enjoying a good diet.  A typical expectations is that 90% of couples should get pregnant within one year and 95% within two years.  if it doesn’t happen then you should think about getting help.

If the woman is over 35 then you need to get help sooner rather than later, as her fertility will have begun its slow decline.   Finding time for regular love making is of course very important as is timing it so that co-incides with the most fertile time in the womans cycle.

Keeping down stress levels is also a major factor, stress kills fertility so it makes sense that reducing stress increases fertility.

If you need help or advice then our friendly helpful forum is a great place to start, our site also enjoys a growing number of helpful advisary articles, so read a few of these also.

Good luck on your journey.

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Mothering Sunday!

Image from Wikimedia

Image from Wikimedia

With Mothers Day fast approaching upon us for this year, I wanted to share with you the reasoning behind this significant day and where we adopted all our traditions from for this celebration.

The reason why we celebrate ‘Mothers Days’ is to show our appreciation for all that our mothers do, to honor your mother figure in your life and to show your love for them. For mothers it is seen as a celebration of motherhood and the joy it brings to ones life.

Mothering Sunday takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday, usually falling towards the end of March, beginning of April.

Where Did All The Traditions Begin For Mother’s Day?

Traditionally people would go home to their home town to visit their church where they were baptized, in a way to ensure that families were reunited and together to honor their mothers on this particular Sunday.

Children would make a special effort to be on their best behavior and insist on flourishing gifts and cards to their mother in a bid to make the day a special as possible. 

Servants who worked in large houses for the wealthy and rich were given holiday on this one Sunday to visit their mother and loved ones, often taking food or clothes which had been handed down from the wealthy and rich to give as a gift for their return. This tradition has lead to how we accommodated Mothering Sunday in today’s world by taking gifts, cards and spending time with our most cherished on this one Sunday of the year.

Moderns Society Adaptation Of Mothering Sunday:

Our traditions haven’t fled far from where it all began. In today’s society we still ensure that we make the effort to spend time and visit our mothers and that families are reunited. Accompanying with gifts and cards to show our appreciation for all of what has been done throughout the year.

Schools often base activities on Mothers Days to tell the children the importance of the meaning of the day and the importance of having mother and all of what she does for you, quite often making cards and handmade gifts to give to their mothers on Mothering Sunday.

What Activities Could You As A Fathers Entail On For The Special Day?

If you are running short on a few ideas that can make this Mothers Days special then here are a few ideas to get that ticker going and you can involve you little tigers to make it a little more personal. So stop panicking, start reading and get creative.

  • Collage time: If you have some time on your hands over the next week why not create a collage of photos. All you need to do is find a selection of meaningful images, get a large photo frame and arrange the photos into some order. You can add pretty details if you wish. Then stick the photos in place, using glue. This can be as bigger project as you want but that will be dependant on the timescale you have set. Your children can get involved with ordering, sticking and decorating of the collage. Perhaps they could make a small scale version whilst you are working on your work of art.
  • Photo Frame: If you love leaving things to last minute then this could be a Saturday activity for you and the small ones. Simply purchase a plain frame which you can find at any craft store, along with some decorations that you can stick on and some strong glue. You can make as many of these as you like and the size of frame is down to your personal preference. Get the children around the table with glue and decorations and let them get sticking. Make sure the glass is removed and all they have is the outside of the frame. I’d advice to the cover the table to avoid any unwanted mess or damage. Make sure they are left to dry for a few hours, allowing the glue to set. All that is left to do is to find a picture for the photo frame or frames that have been decorated, pop in and wrap.
  • Card Making: If your time and budget is slightly more restricted you can go ahead with a simple card making or coloring task. All you need is some crayons, card and pencils. This can be done quickly, but can be just as fun!
  • Fancy Going Out? Maybe you really aren’t one for being creative or simply just don’t have the time, then you can out for lunch or dinner ensuring you have booked in advanced at any restaurant.

There are many options to make the day a special one, so make sure you do. Honor all the hard work mothers do for their children and return the love this Mothering Sunday!

How to keep your Children entertained During the Easter Holiday:

Image from Wikimedia

Image from Wikimedia

The Easter holiday is fast approaching and I bet all you parents are panic struck with prospect of two weeks of entertaining your lovelies. Well fear no longer, I am here to help you with your woes and give you some activities, on a budget to keep your children out mischief and having fun. So let’s begin…

Card Making:

Are you not seeing all your loved ones over the Easter period? If not then why not make some cards to send to all as a little Easter gift. It is a simple and budget friendly activity. All you need is to find some templates of Easter eggs, print them off and then cut out.

You can let this activity be a messy as you wish. If you are really going to town then I recommend you lay a couple of dust sheets on the floor and over the table to catch all that mess.

Use sparkles, glitter, paints, crayons, stickers, whatever you can think off to make it as fun a possible.

You don’t have to make just cards, you could make decorations such as angel’s chains or decorate eggs.

Fancy some Baking?

All you need is the following to do some simple baking:

  • Shreddies or Cornflakes
  • Cooking chocolate
  • Cupcake cases
  •  Mini eggs
  • A microwave/hob
  • A fridge
  • Mixing bowl and spoon

Simply break the Shreddies or Cornflakes into small pieces using a spoon. Then melt the chocolate using the microwave or the hob – ensuring supervision takes places when using heat with children. Next add the Shreddies or Cornflakes to the melted chocolate and with the spoon mix well. Place into the cupcake cases and then add a few mini eggs on top. Pop into the fridge to set and then they are ready to eat!


If you are looking for an activity which is slightly more hands off, you can simply buy some biscuits from you local supermarket along with some icing sugar and decorations and simply let the children have free rein.

If you’re looking for some more interaction you could bake the biscuits in the morning with the children and then decorate that afternoon or the following day.

Easter egg Hunt:

Do fancy having a few friends around and having a little Easter party? Then here is an activity which can get all the children and parents involved and it can be as cost affective as you make it.

Why don’t you organize a little Easter egg hunt. This can be done indoors, in the garden, in a local woodland area or in a local park. Make a little map and a trail of treats, enough for each child. These treats could be mini eggs, some sweets or a little party bag toy, whatever takes your fancy. They will need to lead to a main prize. This could be just one for the first child to find it or there could be one for each child, again depending on your budget and how you see fit.

If you wanted to take it to the next level why not make it a fancy dress, Easter egg hunt and have a prize for the best dressed!

Happy Easter!


Ideas for Entertaining the Kids during October Half Term Holidays

While it may at first seem that school holidays become harder to plan for during the cooler months, there are plenty of fun autumn activities you can enjoy with the kids. In most areas, the weather will still be pleasant enough to venture outside, even if you do need to take a coat and scarf. And for those days when the weather turns, there’s a range of fall-themed crafts which the kids will love to get stuck-in to.


Kids holiday ideas


Go Foraging for Fruit

The leaves on the trees may be dying, but the hedgerows are alive with ripening fruit, ready for the picking. October is the perfect time to teach your children about the natural world by taking them on a fruit foraging trip.

Blackberries are the most well-known and easy to identify wild fruit, and they’re simple and fun to bake with. After picking a batch, why not try making an apple and blackberry pie with the kids, or perhaps some blackberry jam?

Find Natural Craft Materials

Going out for walks together is not just a great way to stay active as a family; it also provides the opportunity for the children to find natural materials to use in craft projects at a later time. Kids will love hunting for bright red, yellow or orange leaves, conkers, pine cones and acorns, which they can then paint, or cover with glitter at home to use in making greetings cards or collages.

Learn to Knit

For older children, or young ones with good dexterity, learning how to knit can be a rewarding and fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. Get them started on simple projects such as a scarf, or, if you don’t already know how to knit, learn together as a family! There are lots of knitting tutorials available for free on YouTube.

There are also many knitting or sewing kits available which are specifically designed for children.

See a Movie

Some days you just won’t have the energy to learn how to knit or make blackberry jam, so why not just take the kids to see a great half term movie? If you’re on a budget, remember to buy snacks and drinks before you get to the cinema, as they often charge much higher prices. Also check online for cinemas in your area, as there may be some less expensive, independent places that you might not have heard about before.

How to Plan Your First Fireworks Party with the Kids

Guy Fawkes Night can be great fun to share with your kids; hot dogs, baked potatoes, hot chocolate and bonfires – it’s what the fall season is all about.

Many injuries can occur around this time year, however. Yet with some careful pre-planning you can enjoy your night without worrying about needless accidents.


Sparkler Safety

Did you know that sparklers can reach a temperature which is six times hotter than a pan of cooking oil? Yet many parents hand sparklers to their children with no forethought of the potential dangers.

Never let children under five years old use sparklers. You know the way small children often wave objects around, sometimes even hitting themselves in the face with them? Putting a lit sparkler in the hand of a small child whose motor skills and hand-eye coordination are still developing can end very badly.

For children over five, sparklers are extremely fun. Make sure your kids are wearing gloves, and don’t dress your child in loose, flowing clothes, as these could potentially be a fire hazard. Light sparklers only one at a time, and always have a bucket of water close by to put them into once they’ve burnt out. And always supervise children who are using sparklers.

Good Firework Choices for Kids

Some small children find really loud fireworks upsetting. Often at public firework shows you’ll see a few toddlers crying and covering their ears, just wanting to go home. Therefore, if your kids are very young, consider buying fireworks which won’t go off with a huge bang. Roman candles are good, as are Catherine Wheels. These fireworks are very pretty and exciting for children to watch, but they won’t shock anyone with an almighty explosion.

Always make sure that everyone keeps a safe distance from the fireworks display or bonfire, especially children. Before lighting anything, make sure all children are accounted for and their whereabouts known.

Bonfire Night First Aid

Of course there will always be a small chance of injury, even when you’ve done your best to keep things safe. Cool minor burns in cold water for around 10 minutes, and don’t touch the burnt area directly. For major burns, seek medical assistance immediately.

Other accidents can also occur, such as kids tripping over in the dark, or firework sparks going into their eyes. For mild eye injuries, use a gentle, sterile eye wash to clean out the eye. For anything more severe, seek medical assistance.